Superb Septic Products

Quality Tanks for Homes and Businesses

Newman Septic and Concrete Like all machines, septic tanks have a limited service life. If your home’s septic system isn’t functioning properly anymore, have the capable suppliers of Newman Septic & Concrete in Attalla, AL replace it with a brand new one. We supply septic pumps, tanks, and other components vital to the operation of your septic system.

Excellent Products Made Locally

We can manufacture first-class septic tanks and components and supply you with the parts you need. Expect quality workmanship from every product that comes out of our workshop. We also have products from Infiltrator and Tuf Tite for you to choose from.

Coordinate with Our Septic Technicians

Choose the finest septic specialists to provide you with top-tier products. You can also come to us for exceptional septic tank services. If you are interested in hiring our team, dial (256) 538-6724 or (205) 441-7801 today. We look forward to working with you.